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Research entails analysis, monitoring and reflection activities resulting mainly in books, magazines, and policy documents. Publication and dissemination are generally addressed to a wide audience and aim at providing information, raising awareness and stimulating personal reflection. Their focus, rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, is to analyse local and global situations, to shed light on underlying reasons of unjust situations/structures affecting poor and marginalised groups, and propose alternative models of development and of structural change.

At present, the AJI focuses its research on three thematic areas, namely:

  • Migration
  • Integral Ecology
  • Christianity in Africa


Formation entails training activities addressed to specific groups, such as public servants, social workers, activists, volunteers, political leaders, indigenous people, and women. The aim is to raise awareness or provide hands-on knowledge and practical skills that enable recipients to become actors of social change. Formation may be either formal (such as through structured courses that may grant diplomas or degrees), or informal (such as short camps or on-the-job training sessions).

At present, the AJI formation programme targets three core areas, namely:

  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Catholic Lay Professionals
  • Youth

Social Action

Social action is generally related to accompanying groups or communities in their struggle for rights, freedom and dignity through concrete actions, such as advocacy, networking, awareness-raising, protest, participation in peace processes, and also by providing several assistance services (such as food and shelter, legal aid, education). Social action is driven by the demand and the needs of the community it serves, thereby implying a certain degree of insertion with the poor. Social action is not of a purely relief nature in that it aims through concrete actions at transforming the structural situation of the people.

At present, the AJI social action is directed towards three main issues, namely:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Justice, Peace & Reconciliation