The Church considers her responsibility to ensure that all men have abundance of life, according to the words of Christ. Catholic Social Teaching or Catholic Social Doctrine is one which is as old as the Church itself but has gained traction in recent years.

The aim of Catholic Social Teaching (CST), is to influence societies and states to put the human person first and live in ways which are in according with Christian Catholic principles and virtues.

The principles of Catholic Social Doctrine are quite a number. However, the aim is to promote human flourishing, justice and peace. The flourishing of every human person, promotion of justice and peace is the focus of CST. This session of ‘Everyday Catholicism’ aims to expound more intricately the phenomenon of Catholic Social Teaching or Catholic Social Doctrine with an aim to understanding and grasping its relevance.

This video features renowned Ghanaian Jesuit, Fr. Kpanie Addy, SJ, director of the Arrupe Jesuit Institute in Ghana. He expertly, in the spirit of Pedro Arrupe and in typical Jesuit fashion, breaks down this ‘Best kept secret of the Church’, CST.