The Accra Archdiocesan Coordinator of the Justice and Peace Commission, Rev. Fr. Charles Dadzie, has asserted the role of the Justice and Peace Commission stating its significance in the face of challenges such as deep political divisions, poverty, and environmental degradation among others facing the nation.

Speaking at a seminar and commissioning ceremony themed, “The mandate of the Justice and Peace Commission in the discharge of the Church’s social teachings,” in Accra on October 28, Fr. Dadzie reminded the newly commissioned that, as followers of Christ, they are entrusted with a sacred duty to be instruments of hope, unity, and transformation in a world yearning for these virtues.

The newly commissioned ambassadors of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Accra

He urged them to be agents of peace in polarized society, and be advocates for justice in an unjust world, and stewards of the environment, cherishing the precious gift of God’s creation.

They were charged to take up this sacred mission with dedication, humility, and a profound sense of purpose. Fr. Charles Dadzie encouraged them to let their actions be guided by their faith, their hearts be filled with compassion, and their efforts be driven by a resolute commitment to make the nation a better place for all.

Participants in the seminar

He acknowledged that the mission of the Justice and Peace Commission is challenging but filled with grace and divine purpose. Fr. Charles Dadzie called on the attendees to work together with faith to mend divisions, alleviate suffering, and heal the wounds in society.

Director of the Arrupe Jesuit Institute, Rev. Fr. Kpanie Addy SJ facilitating the seminar

The one-day seminar aimed to strengthen the commitment of the Justice and Peace Commission in promoting justice, peace, and the Church’s social teachings in the Archdiocese of Accra and was held in collaboration with the Arrupe Jesuit Institute, a Catholic think tank based in Accra.

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