Green Lent: AJI, CYNESA-Ghana to spearhead Environmental Policy Dialogues

In a bid to address pressing environmental issues and foster sustainable solutions, the Arrupe Jesuit Institute (AJI) has teamed up with the Ghana chapter of the Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA-GH) to launch a series of Environmental Policy Dialogues as part of the Green Lent Project.

The first of its kind is expected to take place on March 21 at the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Accra featuring Dr. Kenneth Asigbey, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications and Convener for the Media Coalition against illegal mining as speaker.

He is expected to speak on “A green Ghana as a patriotic and Christian agenda and responsibility: Perspectives and policy proposals.”

Also in attendance is Auxilary Bishop of Accra, Most Rev. Anthony Narh Asare as well as Her Ladyship Justice Magaret Welbourne, Retired Court of Appeal Judge.

Drawing inspiration from the call for action articulated by Pope Francis in his Evangelii Gaudium encyclical, the collaboration aims to initiate new processes within Ghanaian society and engage diverse groups to effect significant historical changes.

The initiative is propelled by CYNESA-GH’s innovative “Green Lent” campaign, which caught the attention of AJI for its proactive approach towards environmental advocacy.

The Environmental Policy Dialogues provide a platform for thought leaders committed to environmental stewardship to share insights and propose actionable policies relevant to Ghana’s ecological landscape.

With a focus on both national policy and grassroots community engagement, the discussions aim to mobilize stakeholders across various sectors including families, schools, workplaces, markets, churches, and district assemblies.

“We believe that by nurturing partnerships between youth groups, faith-based organizations, and environmental stakeholders, we can promote a culture of environmental sustainability,” a joint statement by AJI and CYNESA Ghana said.

Through these dialogues, the organizations hope to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive environmentally responsible policies and practices not only within Ghana but also beyond its borders.

“Our aspiration is to extend these dialogues across the length and breadth of the country, ensuring that they reach diverse audiences and spark meaningful conversations,” the statement added.

The Environmental Policy Dialogues will be broadcast through various media channels and recorded for wider dissemination, ensuring that the discussions reach a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

CYNESA Ghana earlier this year launched the Green Lent initiative which aims at harnessing the power of social media, education, and advocacy to promote the principles outlined in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si and Laudate Deum encyclicals.

The Arrupe Jesuit Institute (AJI), Ghana’s premier Christian think tank later joined the campaign as a partner after a joint meeting between CYNESA and AJI executives held on February 18.