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Faith in the Public Sphere - FIPS

The Faith in the Public Sphere Series aims at exploring way in which corporate society may be suffused with Christian principles and values in a manner that enhances the attainment of the common good. This series, which takes varied forms such as panel discussions, palaver sessions, public lectures, durbars, dialogues etc., is a biannual collaboration between the Arrupe Jesuit Institute and the Catholic Professionals’ Guilds (CPG).

Through this series, the AJI and CPG intend to:

  • Underscore the relationship between sincere Christian faith and the robust and honest work ethic required for national development
  • Empower Christian laity by providing them with a platform that enables their edification through mutual interaction
  • Support the Christian witness of Christian laity, who are called to be the salt of the earth, light of the world, and leaven in the flour
  • Enhance networking among Christian professionals within and beyond the CPG for their individual well-being and for the common good